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Come to us to have an integral body massage (full body massage) performed with deep affection, empathy and the ability to harmonize the energy of the being.

About us

Our parlour opens a door to an often unknown, very little explored or misunderstood realm: tantric eroticism as a form of spiritual fulfillment, by discovering the sacred dimension of female and masculine sexuality.

Tantric therapy brings numerous beneficial and curative effects in all aspects of life. Due to the healing potential, it can also be associated as a complementary element in various therapeutic procedures (spiritual, psychological, sexual, etc.), without replacing a psychotherapeutic and/or medical process. It is a complete and fulfilling experience in itself.


Discover the essence of the tantric experience

Massage for women

The iTantric parlour offers you massage for women, integrated as an experience of exploring your own feminine identity, eroticism and sensuality.

Massage for couples

This massage is addressed to those who want to bring elements of novelty and development, both personal and relational, in the cell to which they belong!

Massage for men

One of the surprising effects of tantric massage for men is the acquisition of a wiser vision of the erotic energy.

Private Tantric Massage Lessons

Would you like to have a massage at home, in your bedroom? The iTantric massage parlour offers private lessons, where you have the opportunity to train right with your partner.

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In our parlour, through massage, we (re)teach you how to connect to your inner erotic world through conscious touch.

Discover who you really are, at your core. We offer you an opportunity for reflection, in an oasis of peace and relaxation, a meditation, a dance outside of time and of the usual way of life.


a gesture that opens the heart

The journey

exploring the inner realm


body-mind-soul harmonization

Tantric Sexuality – Free Ebook

Tantric sexuality is a path of self-discovery and discovery of the partner at the same time. It helps us access unknown areas of our own being.

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