About iTantric

iTantric brings a new concept to the landscape of erotic massage parlours in Bucharest. How? Through a tantric approach, iTantric proposes the deepening of sensuality through a carefully guided journey into your inner universe, in accordance with tantric principles.

Located in a central and accessible area of Bucharest (Calea Victoriei 100), the parlour is dedicated to women, men and couples.

Who we are

We started our activity in May 2013 as an erotic massage parlour for men, and since February 2017 we have experienced a period of renewal and flowering.

During the pandemic the need for touch increased and we decided to diversify the offer through

  • tantric massage sessions for women,
  • massage sessions for couples,
  • tantric counseling sessions both for individual persons, as well as for couples
  • but also the promotion of tantric massage as a practice with therapeutic valences, in a holistic approach.

Currently, we offer all these services but also lessons. We are highly appreciated by people concerned with: personal development, improving sexual life, healthy lifestyle, harmonizing the couple relationship, discovering their own sexuality, healing emotional traumas, but also by people concerned with spirituality in general.

About tantric eroticism

Perhaps this term makes you think of something mystical, a concept that belongs to the ancient Oriental world, but tantric eroticism interweaves sexuality with refinement in order to obtain eros, sensuality, all with the help of tantric principles and, in particular, with the help of conscious touch.

Many of us have forgotten what it means to be sensual, erotic. We give the term erotic almost pornographic connotations, but eroticism is far from pornography. It is that pure and sincere longing for sensuality to which we all aspire, more or less consciously, when we seek intimacy with another person.

Life teaches us to exclude or even ignore the erotic dimension of our lives, in favor of materialistic pursuits. In our parlour, through massage, we (re)teach you how to connect to your inner erotic world through conscious touch.

iTantric for you

Our parlour

opens a door to an often unknown realm, very little explored or even misunderstood: tantric eroticism as a form of spiritual fulfillment, by discovering the sacred dimension of female and masculine sexuality. Come to us to have an integral body massage (full body massage) performed with deep affection, empathy and the ability to harmonize the energy of the being.

Tantric therapy

it brings numerous beneficial and curative effects in all aspects of life. Due to the healing potential, it can also be associated as a complementary element in various therapeutic procedures (spiritual, psychological, sexual, etc.), without replacing a psychotherapeutic and/or medical process. It is a complete and fulfilling experience in itself.

Our recommendation

Thus, you can find, know and experience tantric eroticism either during a massage session, (services – link)under the full guidance of the masseuse/masseur, or during an open, relaxed and intimate conversation. (iTeaTalk – link).

Before you enjoy a tantric massage session

Before enjoying a tantric massage session, we invite you to tell us if you have preferences or allergies to certain types of oil, flavors or essences. Thus, you will leave our parlour with a state of well-being and avoid potential unpleasant situations. It is important to know that tantric massage should be avoided if you suffer from certain skin diseases or if you are at menstruation (in the case of women). If you have any further questions about our parlour or the massage itself, do not hesitate to contact us.
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