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In the landscape of erotic massage salons in Bucharest, iTantric brings a new Tantra concept that proposes experiences of deepening sensuality, refined and fulfilling sexuality through a guided incursion into the inner universe of one’s being, in accordance with Tantric principles. Located in the heart of Bucharest, in the central area of the city, very easily accessible – (100 Victoriei Street) – the salon is an open space for women, men, and couples. Originally designed as an erotic massage salon for men, iTantric began its activity in May 2013. Since February 2015 it has known a period of renewal and flourishing.

We decided to diversify our services by offering erotic massage services for women, individual counselling sessions and activities to promote the tantric massage as a practice with therapeutic valences. All this is done in a holistic approach that deserves recognition and appreciation among the general public and practitioners in the field of healthcare, personal and spiritual development, and alternative therapies.


Welcome to the iTantric space

The iTantric salon has generous spaces, with simple and tasteful decorations. The delicate environment facilitates relaxation, interiorising and tranquillity. In this atmosphere, our guests are led to a place where they connect with their interior so they can understand what is really happening right here and now. This process of self-awareness and self-acceptance initiates transformation.

The natural oils (coconut oil, mostly) are deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin. The discreet musical background & aromatherapy creates the perfect atmosphere for a unique experience with our masseuses and masseurs that can offer 2 or 4 hands massage. We can host 2, 3 or 4 individual or couple massage sessions simultaneously based on prior appointment. The iTantric massages are also great ideas for gifts.

You can take a shower before a massage session. This is not recommended within 2 hours after the session is concluded, because you need to allow your entire being to “assimilate” the experience in depth, and to your skin to enjoy the oil-nourishing effect.

About tantric massage

Our unique formula of erotic massage is specially designed for women, men and couples, by our professional masseuses and masseurs.

The iTantric salon opens the door to an often unknown, little explored or misunderstood land: tantric eroticism as a form of spiritual fulfilment by discovering the sacred dimension of female and male sexuality. Discover a form of full body massage made with deep affection and empathy, which has a remarkable harmonising capability.

Tantric therapy gas many beneficial and curative effects in all aspects of life. Due to its extraordinary healing potential, it can also be associated as a complementary element in various therapeutic procedures (spiritual, psychological, sexual, etc.), but without being substituted for a psychotherapeutic and/or medical process. It is a complete and fulfilling experience in itself!

About our Massage Parlour | iTantric Bucharest

Before experiencing a tantric massage

We invite you to let us know if you have any preferences or allergies to certain types of oils, flavours, essences, so we can prevent sensitive situations. We also inform you that massage should be avoided in case of skin diseases or menstruation. Please read our service information carefully before making an appointment and contact us if you need further clarification.

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