Tantric Massage in Bucharest

Tantra massage:

a gate to your soul!

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Tantric Massage Parlour in Bucharest

Remain quiet:

listen to the music of the soul by touching the body!

Tantric Massage Salon in Bucharest

Tantric massage parlour

100 Calea Victoriei Street, 3rd floor only, ap. 22, Bucharest

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Erotic Massage Parlour in Bucharest

Are you looking for an erotic massage salon in Bucharest? Come to iTantric. Our salon is one of the few in the country that proposes experiences of deepening sensuality, refined and fulfilling sexuality through a guided incursion into the inner universe of one’s being, in accordance with Tantric principles. iTantric massage is made topless or nude, body-to-body, by professional masseuses who have studied and are successfully practising Tantric techniques.

Our team

Tantric massage is a unique experience of infinite tenderness that connects the one who offers it and the one who receives with the Source of Absolute Love. iTantric masseurs and masseuses build each massage session as a ritual, taking place in a special vibrational field. They are ready to listen to you carefully and to help you understand the experiences of the massage. They probe the finely tuned inner universe and accompany the guest on this journey as long as he/she allows and is ready to advance.

Erotic massage parlour: our services

We have generous spaces, simply and tastefully decorated. The delicate and intimate style of relaxation facilitates relaxation. In this atmosphere, our guests are carried to a place where they connect with their interior so they can understand what is really happening: here and now. iTantric is more than an erotic massage salon. Our salon opens a door to an often unknown land: tantric eroticism as a form of spiritual fulfilment.

we help you discover who you really are, in your feminine essence

we help you explore with us your authentic male nature

we help you improve your couple life with the help of tantric philosophy

Our natural oils are deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin. The discreet musical background & aromatherapy creates the perfect atmosphere for a unique experience with our masseuses and masseurs. We can host 2, 3 or 4 individual or couple massage sessions simultaneously based on prior appointment. You can take a shower before a massage session. This is not recommended within 2 hours after the session is concluded, because you need to allow your entire being to “assimilate” the experience in depth, and to your skin to enjoy the oil-nourishing effect.

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Erotic massage’s benefits

  • It helps you to disconnect
  • It helps you to open yourself affectionately
  • It helps you explore yourself
  • It helps you live in the present
  • You learn to control the energy
  • You feel fulfilled

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