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Hundreds of guests have crossed the threshold of iTantric. We realized that it is beneficial to create a conversational space as a “room of words”, in which the tactile experience is deepened by extra information about tantrism through shared feelings, questions and revelations during the massage session.

In front of a cup of tea, in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, enveloped by natural exotic flavours, before or after the massage session or independently of it, we explore together with those who want, the complex universe of male and female sexuality, introducing the principles and values of tantrism.

Tantric experiences and erotic energy

We have found that most of us have not been appropriately educated about the power of erotic energy. Therefore, we are not aware of the incredible benefits that we can have if we use it consciously. Men and women alike feel that something is missing in our lives.

We experience a state of inadequacy or non-fulfilment that is either general or in a particular area of our lives and seek explanations and solutions, resorting to different forms of therapy, spiritual practices or techniques and healing methods.

In one phase or another of our evolving process, we realize that we neglected or totally ignored the profound and responsible experimentation of sensuality and sexuality. Or this is essential to a truly fulfilled and happy life.

In modern society, sexuality:

  • is sacrificed on the altar of puritanism and of a spirituality that condemns the body
  • is perverted and vulgarized or diverted from their authentic role and purpose.

By tradition, education and culture, we have internalized a distorted picture of sex and the experience of sexuality, we are still tributaries of the idea that spirit and body are separate. We have developed in us feelings of guilt and shame that have turned us away from orgasmic energy, from our vital force.

We are witnessing deviations such as exacerbating individualism, distortions in building gender identity, spreading a “unisex” culture where the outlines of masculinity and femininity are diluted, sacrificed for efficiency, pragmatism, materialism.

On the other hand, the industry of erotic and pornographic products (erotic movies, erotic chat, sex-shops, etc) and the pharmaceutical industry have grown in our era to prevent or cure sexual dysfunctions (potency medications, stimulants of various types, etc.).

Now, the sexuality is devoid of beauty, sacredness, power or intimacy, and is treated from an almost exclusively biochemical perspective. Western societies have gone through the past decades from a puritan, repressed and obtuse view of sexuality to a materialist, lax and permissive approach.

It is open to excesses that do not provide the answer to the deep fulfilment needs of men and women and does not fill the void that many of our contemporaries feel. Through tantrism, we learn to live in continuum present, right here and right now.

Healing contemporary diseases through tantrism

Not by chance, tantra has become very well known in recent decades because there is an acute need to cure us of these contemporary diseases. It seems that today, in the West, tantrism meets two great needs:

  • To bring modern man on a spiritual path that goes beyond dichotomies, splits and divisions that have triggered the current acute crisis of values, of masculinity and femininity;
  • To create a culture of fulfilling Eros, seen as an effective tool of transformation and spiritual evolution

From the spiritual perspective of tantrism, sexuality involves the conscious, permanent and perfectly lucid integration of the interaction with reality through sensory experiences. It exceeds by far the place that it was attributed in the current Western view, limited to pleasure, sentimental effusions, procreation, and domination of the other.

We believe that tantrism exactly matches the needs, abilities and aspirations of contemporary man, precisely because they suffer from a chronic illness:

  • The lack of love
  • The alienation from their own Being
  • The transfer of the authentic power that flows from the inner being towards the outside

Contemporary man has begun to remember the Truth about themselves, namely that they are a co-creator of reality, and that they can exercise this role consciously, as a protagonist.

Tantrism goes beyond Western thinking, based on the separation between body and soul, on the idea of sacrifice, guilt and suffering, and operates with the concept of continuum, of all-encompassing network of Reality as a whole, and has developed consciousness-building techniques based on the ceaseless, natural and profound awareness, acceptance and integration of all the experienced sensations, sensory perceptions, thoughts and emotions.

The origins of Tantrism

At the origins, Tantrism was affirmed in the Far East, in an environment dominated by the rigid, masculine “warrior”, patriarchal view of the world, society, roles and hierarchy. It introduced the innovative element of the Feminine Power, the force that brings into manifestation that which exists latently, in the transcendent plane, through the consciousness embodied in the masculine principle.

In this way, we can become aware of the unity of existence and the threads of the fabric that unifies every being and everything with the Source from whence they come. This union is symbolized by the ecstatic fusion between Shiva (the Supreme Masculine) and Shakti (the Supreme Feminine).

Most of us are looking for happiness, fulfilment precisely because we have been conditioned to see existence in the perspective of separation and dualism; even for many of those who have religious beliefs, God Himself is another (exterior), and the notions of Universe, Creator, cosmic energy, the world beyond, the invisible, remain somewhat abstract, lacking anchoring in day to day life.

The Tantric path is an eminently practical one: it starts from the point where we recognize that there is no fundamental difference between us and the others and we begin to live by referring to anyone and everything that comes into our lives not as to something separate, distant, untouchable and alien, but as to an aspect, a nuance from ourselves, part of an infinite network of connections and interpenetrations that are mutually generating.

The experience of tantra opens a kind of gate through which the magical rushes into the present, into the quotidian, and during this experience we cast away, together with our clothes, all other layers that stifle our being: gradually, we come to feel life in its immense power and intensity without filters and representations, and we catch a glimpse of who we really are.

The tantra mission

The tantra mission is to redefine, refine, deepen, and integrate spirituality and sexuality into a process of evolution and transformation for women and men, and in this process, a crucial role is played by the reconfiguration of the concepts of masculine and feminine and the relationship between them.

Through the iTeaTalk section, you can understand how to apply Tantric teachings in your life and in your relationship, so you are invited to join with your lover. You will learn the secrets of control over the sexual energy, ways to refresh your love relationship, and you will discover the exceptional benefits of a harmonious and healthy sexual integration in your life.

In an intimate and open framework, we will be able to address topics such as:

  • The advantages of tantric practices
  • Eroticism – a way to achieve awareness
  • The resonance law
  • Techniques for enhancement of potency and virility
  • Transmutation and sublimation techniques of the sexual energy
  • The benefits of orgasm without ejaculation
  • How to live full body orgasms and multiple orgasms
  • How to create intimacy consciously
  • Sexual traumas and dysfunctions are not an implacable destiny
  • Femininity beyond taboos and prejudices
  • How to redefine your identity and discover yourself

Our professional masseurs and masseuses offer personalized counselling and address the various issues you face, through assisted meditations, breathing techniques, focusing techniques, couple polarization methods, etc. Such a discussion has the role of preparing you for the massage that will follow or intervene after the session, as a phase of awareness and sedimentation of the revelations.

Discover the essence of Tantric experience with us… dream iTantric!

Duration of the session: 1h

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