From the experience gained, we realized how beneficial it is to create a conversational space. We are basically talking about a “word room”, where our clients can learn more about Tantra, by sharing their feelings, puzzlements or insights during the massage session.

In a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, enveloped by the natural aroma of a warm tea, before or after the massage session, or independently of it, we will explore together the complex universe of male and female sexuality, introducing you to the principles and values of tantrism.

Tantric education

Most of us have not received a proper education about the power of erotic energy. That is why we are not aware of the advantages that we can have if we use it consciously.

Men and women alike, we feel that something is missing in our lives. We live a state of dissatisfaction, general or in a certain particular area of our lives, and we look for explanations and solutions, resorting to various forms of therapy, spiritual practices or healing techniques and methods.

You can share with our masseuses any difficulties you want to overcome, elements you want to deepen or improve, etc.

In one phase or another of our process of evolution, we realize that we have totally neglected or ignored the deep experience of sensuality and sexuality. This is essential for a truly fulfilled and happy life.

In modern society, sexuality:


is either perverted or vulgarized

or is sacrificed on the altar of puritanism and a spirituality that condemns the body

How can Tantra help me look at sexuality differently?

Deloc întâmplător, Tantra a devenit foarte cunoscută în ultimele decenii pentru că există o nevoie acută de a privi sexualitatea din alta perspectivă. It seems that today, in the West, tantrism meets two great needs:

The need to see sexuality as a natural, sublime and even necessary human aspect, in order to lead a happy life

To create a culture of the fulfilling eros, seen as an effective tool for spiritual transformation and evolution.

Sexuality, from the spiritual perspective of Tantra philosophy, includes the conscious, permanent and perfectly lucid integration of the interaction with reality through sensory experiences. It goes far beyond the place attributed to it in the current Western conception, limited to pleasure, sentimental effusions, procreation or domination of the partner.

In iTeaTalk sessions, you can participate alone or with your partner.

You will be able to understand how to apply tantric teachings in your life and in couple relationship.

You will learn the secrets of control over the sexual energy, ways to refresh your love relationship and you will discover the exceptional benefits of a harmonious and healthy integration of sexuality into your life.

In an intimate and open setting we will be able to address topics such as:


Advantages of tantric practice


Eroticism – a way to reach the state of consciousness


The Law of Resonance


Techniques for amplifying potency and virility


Techniques of transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy


Advantages of orgasm without ejaculation


How to experience states of orgasm throughout the body and multiple orgasms


How to create intimacy consciously


Traumas and sexual dysfunctions are not implacable destiny


Femininity beyond taboos and prejudices


Masculinity at the superlative


How to redefine your identity and discover yourself

Session duration

Session duration is 1h . Our masseurs and masseuses can also offer personalized counselling based on discussion about individual anxieties and concerns. You will be guided with the help of a discussion and/or with the help of assisted meditation, breathing techniques, attention focusing techniques, as well as ways of polarizing in the couple, etc.

Such a discussion has the role of preparing you for the massage that will follow. Or it can happen after the session, as a phase of awareness and sedimentation of the experience!

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