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Massage men in Bucharest

If you are looking for massage men in Bucharest, you are in the right place. In the landscape of massage salons in Bucharest, iTantric brings a new concept: the tantra experience. Discover a personalised and unrepeatable massage that goes beyond the personal plane and accesses the transcendental one.

Our masseurs

Our massage men are inviting you to iTantric’s home. Our salon has generous spaces and appealing decorations, which inspire delicacy and intimacy that facilitates relaxation, interiorising and tranquillity. Our massage is enriched with Taoist and Thai inspired notes. It offers an exciting and refreshing combination of body-to-body sensual glides and exotic techniques that ensure the free flow of erotic energy throughout the body. It delicately removes blockages created by the stress and tension of all kinds.

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    About iTantric

    Located in the heart of Bucharest, in the central area of the city – at no. 100 Victoriei Street – the iTantric salon is an open space for open-minded people. Originally designed as an erotic massage salon for men, it has known a period of renewal and flourishing, diversifying its offer with erotic massage services for women, individual counselling sessions and activities to promote Tantric massage as a practice with therapeutic valences.

    In our salon, hosts and guests help each other remove the veils that blur the perception of reality about ourselves. We aim to see who we really are from a much broader. We believe that we are not a body animated by a soul, but a soul that has a visible part, called the body.


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