Massage for men

Tantric massage for men is an experience of exploring their own male identity. The massage is performed by professional masseuses who have successfully studied and practiced tantric techniques of energy control.

If this is your first time visiting us, we recommend that you start with an iTeaTalk session (link), which will prepare you for the actual massage and provide you with all the necessary knowledge.


  • muscle stress relief
  • eliminating problems of sexual dynamics
  • increased ability to control sexual energy
  • eliminating stress and everyday concerns
  • sense of magic and mystery
  • happiness
  • deep peace of mind
  • eliminating performance anxiety
  • increased inner strength
  • mental focus ability
  • higher efficiency
  • the discovery of eroticism instead of sexuality
  • refinement

One of the surprising effects of tantric massage for men is the acquisition of a wiser vision of the erotic energy.

What does it mean to have male energy?

Nowadays, to be masculine means to be macho, insensitive, imperturbable, strong, without emotions, distant and possibly with a very good financial situation.

Tantra brings light on the masculine identity and connects it to the tantric principles that address the profound spiritual needs of men. In this context, masculinity becomes consciousness, attention, focus, but also emotion, feeling, tenderness, romance – qualities that at first glance seem to be feminine.

Yes, the authentic modern man, who is on the tantric path, is the one who has also awakened his more “soft” side, precisely to meet the woman, to connect more easily to her, to make her happy and to offer her a “soil” as good as possible for her to flourish.

Men who seek only their own pleasure tend to be selfish, closed-minded people who do not want to make their partner happy. If you are the kind of man who seeks to improve his performance (of any kind), to become a better version of himself, who asks questions about his life, then tantric massage is a perfect start for you! It will help you develop your authentic masculinity (which is closely correlated with virility) that you strongly desire.


What happens during a tantric massage session for men?

An authentic tantric massage session for men includes an exciting and invigorating combination of sensual body-to-body slips and exotic procedures, combined with relaxation maneuvers that ensure the free flow of erotic energy throughout the body, gently removing the blockages created by stress.

Tantric massage combines techniques such as acupressure in certain points that stimulate the body’s energy unlocking and self-healing capabilities, with the harmonization of energies by pressing the main energy lines (meridians).

During the massage, an intense, free circulation of energy throughout the body occurs. Then, the sexual energy is directed from the sacral area, of the pelvis, to the chest area, to the center of the heart, where it awakens the state of affection and compassion, and once it reaches the head area, it allows the man to experience a state of increased attention, creativity, and even amplified states of consciousness.

Tantric massage for men does not include: happy-ending, completion, sexual fantasies, sexual services, masturbation, etc. The proverbial “happy ending” is not part of the procedures of authentic tantric massage, since the purpose we pursue is precisely the initiation into techniques of control and transformation of the erotic energy, and not its waste through ejaculation.

Massage thus becomes a meditation, a dance outside of time and of the usual way of life. It is an occasion for reflection, in an oasis of peace and relaxation, where you can re-settle in your own mould, in your own inner universe.

Duration of massage

Tantric massage for men lasts a minimum of one hour and can extend even up to 3 or 4 hours, depending on your availability. We perform lingam massage (penis massage) only to clients who have performed several massage sessions in our parlour.

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