Tantric Massage for Couples

A massage for couples is a gift that you can give to your partner. Whether you have already started your journey with us in the iTantric universe or if you are crossing our threshold for the first time and want to explore tantric massage, you are welcome to our parlour!

This massage is addressed to those who want to bring elements of novelty and development, both personal and relational, in the cell to which they belong! If you are both attracted to the magical universe of tantrism and want to taste a first experience, iTantric couple massage is the most inspired and fulfilling choice.

How it takes place

The massage session is preceded by a presentation of the principles and values of tantric eroticism, the value of conscious touch and of the ways in which one can experience deep intimacy within the couple. The massage can be performed in the same room, with two masseuses or a masseur and a masseuse or in different rooms. Our recommendation is to choose the variant in separate rooms. It is important not to be distracted by each other’s feelings. Thus, you will focus on your own experience, processes and the flow of energy from your own being.

You and your partner can share with our masseuses and masseurs aspects related to your couple relationship, for example: any difficulties you want to overcome, elements that you want to deepen or improve, etc.

The benefits of tantric massage for couples

Tantric massage sessions for couples are an opportunity to learn how deep relaxation and sensual pleasure awakened by massage can increase erotic attraction and love in the relationship.

Most of the time, you do not touch in the couple that intimacy that you want because you are not in deep contact with yourself. Massage in couple helps you connect deeply with yourself.

As long as there are unexplored areas, blockages, barriers and an unconscious emotional baggage within ourselves, we can hardly have access to our partner’s universe.

Reconnection with the feminine or the masculine in each of the partners is another valence that can be achieved through tantric massage. Accepting gender identity and assuming polar roles in the couple brings happiness and relational fulfillment. The massage sessions for couples offer a secure setting, full of affective support and a special atmosphere that helps a lot to harmonize the couple relationship in everyday life.


Find knowledge and depth about the feelings you have towards yourself and your partner

Understand the differences in perception of intimacy between men and women

Allow your female and male energies to flow in a fluid, seamless dance, following the game of polarities and erotic attraction, of sexual desire.

You balance emotionally, as a couple.

The intimacy between you is amplified.

You harmonize your relationship.

The state of harmony in the couple

Massage is a unique tool to practice the state of harmony in the couple, starting from conscious touch. This surpasses the mental level and makes it possible to communicate at the level of the hearts. How? No words, in a state of pure presence and connection.

At this level there is no room for thoughts, fears and tensions.

Intimacy does not set in out of the blue, but through a permanent process of awareness of states, projections, thoughts, conceptions, processes, knowledge of needs and their expression. This process begins with ourselves, when we assume to open up, risking being vulnerable, relaxing and embracing everything that happens to us, in a state of acceptance.

After the massage, you will be able to meet again in the initial formula of 4 and share the effects of the experience. If you wish, you can choose an iTeaTalk session. Here you will receive more information, explanations, sets of exercises and techniques. You can practice them at home, individually or together, to continue this journey that you started with us.

Duration of massage

Couple massage lasts a minimum of 1h and can reach up to 3h. Our recommendation is to choose the 1.5h or 2h variants, if you have the necessary time, because this way you can benefit from all the effects of tantric massage. The woman can choose whether she wants to be massaged by a masseur or a masseuse, while the man will receive a massage from a masseuse. If the woman also wants yoni massage, then the 2.5h variant is required.

Couple massage can be a very good idea of gift, anniversary of the relationship, reconnection or simply as a special moment of celebration and pampering. For further details please contact us by phone.

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