Tantric Massage for Women

The iTantric parlour offers you massage for women, integrated as an experience of exploring your own feminine identity, eroticism and sensuality. Through tantric massage you discover who you really are, in your feminine essence, and all limitations, sufferings and tensions will be gradually eliminated from your mind, body and emotional body.

You can choose a masseur or a masseuse, experienced and ready to listen to you carefully, to understand your needs and to help you understand the experiences during the massage. This process is a gradual one, and requires several sessions. The masseur touches with great finesse and tact the inner universe of each woman and accompanies her on this journey as much as she allows it and as much as she is ready to move forward.

The woman in the tantra tradition

In the tantra tradition, the woman has a privileged role. She is the embodiment of the Great Mother of the Universe, the goddess who has the ability to harmoniously combine her gentle, compassionate, nourishing and welcoming side with the fascinating, sensual, erotic one, but also with her courageous, firm and uncompromising side, or with her intuitive aspect, of focus and quickness of the mind. These aspects of the Goddess are archetypal representations of femininity, present in every woman.

Tantra is a path that addresses the exploration and discovery of the female universe.

The woman in contemporary society

In contemporary society, a number of factors (tradition, education, prejudices, dysfunctional models, competition with men in the “war of the sexes”, etc.) have led to the alienation of women from the deep essence of their nature and from their central role to maintain balance and harmony in the inner and outer universe, by experiencing polarities as a dance that creates reality.

This crisis is reflected in many aspects of women’s lives and implicitly in couple relationships, through a more or less conscious form of dissatisfaction, because they (both women and men) have lost contact with the erotic, fundamental energy.
There is a great deficit of sensual education of women. Most of them do not know how to express their femininity, how to live in a satisfying and balanced way their sexual desire, pleasure, love and intimacy, and to radiate power, beauty and sensuality, beyond the sometimes impeccable façade of makeup.

Women’s massage sessions are suitable for you if you encounter barriers and even blockages in assuming female identity, inhibitions or any of the following difficulties:

Shame and inhibition

in interaction with the male side


total absence of pleasure and arousal during both sexual intercourse, and masturbation


lack of orgasm


pain during intercourse


lack of sexual desire


uncontrolled spasms of the vagina that make penetration impossible

Let yourself be pampered

Relaxation. Calm. Caress.

The benefits of massage sessions for women

During the massage you will realize how separate and disconnected we are from our erogenous areas. By massage we become aware of them and they are reactivated. Thus, you will enjoy many beneficial effects that you will feel on a body level, but also emotionally and spiritually. Some of the effects are:

  • deep relaxation
  • accepting your own body
  • reconnecting to your femininity
  • emotional healing
  • stress relief
  • eliminating stress
  • connecting to your eroticism, to the sensual side of your being
  • increased ability to feel pleasure
  • a general state of well-being, of harmony, of balance
  • feeling of peace, of rediscovery, of peace of mind
  • orgasmic states

You can experience various bodily, mental or emotional reactions All of them are natural, welcome and constitute an experience of purifying confrontation with the inner processes that come to the surface, sometimes in a very strong way, after touching.
Against the background of the process of awakening and amplification of female erotic energies, it is possible to surface emotional or sexual trauma, problems in the couple relationship or the stress of everyday life. If you feel the need, you can talk to the masseur/masseuse about them.

Any less harmonious state that appears in the vibrational space created during the massage will be cleaned, transformed and positively oriented, and the beneficial states will be amplified. You will perceive and channel these energies in a very refined and spiritual way, throughout the body, until reaching a state of joy, peace, regeneration and vitalisation and sometimes even orgasm.

About Yoni Masaj

You will perceive and channel these energies in a very refined and spiritual way, throughout the body, until reaching a state of joy, peace, regeneration and vitalisation and sometimes even orgasm. You can choose it from the beginning or add it, depending on how you feel during the session.

In Tantra, yoni (“sacred space” in Sanskrit) is considered the source of life and is revered with the highest devotion. Oriental tradition says that the whole body is reflected inside the vagina, so massaging the vagina has an identical effect to reflexology applied to the palm and sole. Among the benefits are:

  • increased ability to feel pleasure
  • healing of emotions stored after traumatic events
  • elimination of sexual dysfunctions
  • deep relaxation
  • self-acceptance
  • reconnecting to the Goddess within you
  • increased sensitivity of the intimate area
  • unlocking negative energies
  • the discovery of new erogenous zones
  • overcoming unpleasant experiences in the past
  • healing of vaginal pains
  • increased libido
  • awakening orgasmic capacity
  • eliminating the feeling of shame
  • prevention of aching menstruation and pain during sexual intercourse
  • affective openness

Yoni massage is performed in a way full of tenderness, respect, empathy and sensuality so you can relax. Our masseurs and masseuses know very well the healing energy points, but also those that produce pleasure, from the yoni level (at the level of the vulva and vagina), so that you can abandon yourself, being in skillful hands. The effects felt after a tantric massage session for women with yoni massage included are directly proportional to the trust you give to the masseur.

The purpose of yoni massage is not orgasm. However, it is possible that as a result of removing the blockages and the fluidization of energy, the woman reaches intense states of pleasure or even orgasm. In the authentic tantric massage, the woman will be helped by the masseur to channel the energies through the energy centers and disperse them throughout the body, experiencing an orgasmic state throughout the body.

Duration of massage

Tantric massage for women lasts a minimum of 1.5 hours and can extend even up to 3 hours, depending on your availability. Yoni massage is only available at a session of at least 2.5 hours. We chose this formula due to our experience, finding that women need a longer relaxation time before receiving yoni massage.

Yoni massage is an exceptional opportunity to experience a conscious touch full of love, respect and healing in the core of your being and to feel revered like a Goddess. It is an offering for you to become aware of your own “sacred space” (the meaning of the term yoni) and to learn to love, respect and worship yourself, first of all, fully aware of the Goddess within you!

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