Our mission

Our mission is to offer you a tactile journey of exploring the inner universe through eroticism and conscious touch, along which you will actually discover yourself.

iTantric erotic massage

Through the unique, always fresh and surprising experience of iTantric erotic massage, you will get to know the sensory, refined-spiritual richness and the lush wisdom of the tantric tradition, which are the source of inspiration and the foundation of the way of life we share.

The principles and practices of tantrism – among which is the tantric massage – are deeply transformative and offer answers to the essential needs of rediscovery, regeneration and refocusing in the affective, erotic and spiritual plane.

The benefits of tantric massage

In a crowded city, with stressed people, alienated from themselves because of the overly loaded agendas and the frantic style of modern life, our parlour is a place of TRANQUILITY, where rhythms and priorities are reversed.

  • Harmony 100% 100%
  • Recognition 100% 100%
  • Value 100% 100%
  • Generosity 100% 100%
  • Beauty 100% 100%
  • Love 100% 100%

Why visit the iTantric parlour?

You disconnect

In our parlour time stops, the massage stops the usual spatial-temporal dimension and places you in a magical space, in the continuous, infinite and peaceful present, which we all yearn for.

You open yourself affectionately

Your only concern will be to begin to gradually open yourself, to learn to leave at the entrance any expectation, pressure, or concern and to receive the beneficial and healing energy that flows through the being of the masseuse and/or the masseur.

You discover yourself

Discover who you really are as a deep being, beyond the masks you’ve built for yourself. You will become able to consciously experience eroticism as a gateway to the spiritual dimension of existence.

You relax yourself

You abandon yourself to the conscious touch of the masseuse/masseur, fully relaxing your body, feeling how each part of it inspires and breathes joy and relaxation.

You control your energy

You learn how you can harmoniously awaken and control the sexual energy, but also how to manage to capitalize on the immense creative potential you have.

You live the present moment

You come into contact with the eroticism of your own body. Discover the world of the senses, without fear, prejudices or obstacles and you live the present moment.

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