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The tantra mission is crystallised from the dream that we should remember who we truly are inside. We are spiritual beings that have engaged long ago in a journey of knowledge and perfection that is complex, mysterious, and fascinating: life. In the iTantric house, hosts and guests help each other remove the veils that blur the perception of reality about ourselves.

Our purpose is to help our guest to see from a much broader, all-encompassing perspective. Who are we really and what is our mission? We believe that we are not a body animated by a soul, but a soul that has a visible part called the body. The body is just the tangible part of the soul.

The tantra mission is to offer you a tactile journey of exploring the inner universe through eroticism, in which you will actually discover yourself.

Through the unique, always fresh and surprising experience of the iTantric erotic massage, you will experience the sensual, spiritually refined wealth and lush wisdom of the Tantric tradition, which is the source of inspiration and the foundation of the lifestyle we share.

The principles and practices of tantrism – including tantric massage – are profoundly transformative and provide answers to the essential needs of retrieval, regeneration and re-centering in the affective, erotic, and spiritual plane.

100% Harmony
100% Recognition
100% Value
100% Generosity
100% Beauty
100% Love

Tantra mission & promise: the benefits of erotic massage

In a crowded city, with often stressed people, alienated from themselves because of too busy agendas and the frenzied style of modern life, our salon is a place of PEACE, in which rhythms and priorities are reversed:

Here, time stops, the massage abolishes the usual space-time dimension and establishes us in a magical space, in the continuous, infinite and peaceful present that we yearn for.

Here, we have a single “task”: to open ourselves, to abandon any expectation, pressure, pretence, or desire at the entrance, and to receive the loving, nourishing and healing energy flowing through the masseuse or the masseur.

Here, we are surprised to find out who we are as profound Beings, beyond the masks and costumes we have built in our personality when we become able to consciously live eroticism as a gateway to the spiritual dimension of existence.

Here, we come into contact with our own body in new and unexpected ways. We discover the ever-fresh and savoury world of senses, of intimate experiences freed from fear, repression, prejudices, limitations, frustrations, blockages, and all kinds of obstacles that kept us in prison.

Here, we know our Inner Woman and Inner Man better, we learn how to harmoniously awaken and control our sexual energy and how we can make use of its immense creative potential.

Here, we feel that we are a part of a vast network, a huge flow of energy, life and creation, in a constant process of transformation and evolution. We are overwhelmed by the Intense Joy of BEING… alive, blessed, gifted with extraordinary power to be happy.

This is the tantra mission. Do you know what your mission is?

Perhaps you have discovered it or perhaps not. The journey you go on with your masseuse or masseur can reveal a path, a dream, a fresh way of manifesting yourself and becoming part of a process of evolution and transformation that embraces the whole world.

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