Private Tantric Massage Lessons

for women and men

The iTantric Parlour offers you massage lessons.

Would you like to have a massage at home, in your bedroom? he iTantric massage parlour offers private lessons where you have the opportunity to train right with your partner. We offer lessons in which you can learn to massage a lady or a gentleman.

Learn the basic principles of tantric massage

At the basis of tantric massage are several principles:

  • The principle of conscious touch
  • The principle of polarity
  • The principle of pleasure
  • The principle of giving

You and your partner can share with our masseuses and masseurs aspects related to your couple relationship, for example: any difficulties you want to overcome, elements that you want to deepen or improve, etc.

The benefits of private sessions in which you learn to massage

  • You have access as many times as you want to receive or offer massage
  • Destressing and preparing your partner for romantic moments
  • Amplifying intimacy in the couple
  • Deep soul reconnection
  • Fulfilling the need for touch and caress
  • Emotional healing in the relationship
  • It doesn’t cost you anything to make a successful gift to your partner
  • Use it as a foreplay to increase the ability to feel pleasure

Structuring and duration of massage lessons

The lesson package is structured on 5 modules (lessons) to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of tantric massage, to learn to give massage both to a lady and to a gentleman.

The duration of a module is 2.5 to 3 hours. It consists of a theoretical part, about an hour. The practical part lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.

The massage is performed with the help of a model. That’s why you’re invited to come with your partner to have the opportunity to directly experience everything you have to do at home.

If you want to surprise your partner and not tell him/her that you are taking tantric massage lessons, the parlour can facilitate a model that you can learn on.

The structure of the modules

The first lesson (theory and practice)

  • Getting started with conscious touch
  • Controlling the body position for better energy circulation
  • Classic massage maneuvers used in tantric massage
  • The sequentiality of tantric massage

Lesson 2 (theory and practice)

  • Qualities of touch – examples and effects produced
  • Notions about sexual energy
  • Maneuvers used for unblocking
  • Maneuvers to amplify intimacy

Lesson 3 (theory and practice)

  • The massage for unblocking the chakras
  • Massage maneuvers of the buttock area
  • Attitudes and aptitudes for the deeper and deeper communication between the masseur and the massaged one

Lesson 4 (theory and practice)

  • Maneuvers to unlock the heart energy and the heart chakra
  • Connection through love
  • The state of detachment that the masseur must have in order for the effects to occur
  • Masajul zonei pieptuluiMassage of the chest area
  • Intuitive massage

Lesson 5 (theory and practice)

  • The difference between stimulation and exploration
  • Concentration and awareness in a state of relaxation
  • Massage of intimate areas
  • Control of sexual energy
  • Theory about orgasm (types of orgasm)
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