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Every guest who crosses the threshold of our salon starts a tantric journey of self-knowledge that drives them beyond the boundaries of their personality and individuality. They experience a deep sense of human intimacy, and feel enveloped by soothing energy, full of warmth, tenderness and compassion, seldom or never met before.

The tantric vision values sexual energy as the fundamental energy of life. It circulates through the energy channels and centres in the body and supports all aspects of our existence. In the tantric journey, there is no separation between the physical, mental, spiritual and social planes. These represent different levels and forms of manifestation of energy in the body, the harmony between them being essential for the state of health and the fulfilment of the human being. During its movement through the body, sexual energy is transformed into other types of energy, including spiritual energy.

The movements performed during the massage sequences ensure fluidisation of this flow and energy transformation. The purpose of our journey is to integrate all these functions and aspects, overcoming the perspective of separation between them that we are accustomed to so that we can live as unified beings.

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Refining perceptions through the tantric journey

Women and men alike, we need to wonder who we are as sexual beings, to wonder about the meaning of authentic masculinity and femininity, which are sacred, worthy of respect and adoration. The tantric massage helps us refine our perceptions, become more and more aware, present and receptive to the experiences of our own body, heart and mind. We become more empathetic and generous, first of all with ourselves and then with others.

Tantric practices: body-to-body massage

During the body-to-body massage, the sense of touch is primarily stimulated. It is perhaps one of the least practised and trained senses in our usual, predominantly visual and auditory life. A tactile dialogue is established between the masseur/masseuse and the guest through which the skin becomes the privileged communication organ. We discover how a new language, made up of caresses, is woven into an unexpected palette of shapes, rhythms and intensities, which helps us open up to what is happening Here and Now, in the continuous Present.

The caressing hand awakens sensuality, it listens to the reactions of the skin that it touches and of the whole being that it moves towards, feels their abandonment, emotion, pleasure, and confessions, or fear, anxiety, loneliness, and suffering.

Gradually, we become more receptive and we focus especially on what we feel in the body and the heart. We get to single out from the confusing sea of experiences, certain states, thoughts, images that gradually surface and that we observe with detachment, without intervening in the process.

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Sincerity towards oneself

Being a journey that attempts to neutralize the mental patterns and the filters of reason, it opens us to a space of total sincerity towards ourselves, starting from this profoundly sensorial and sensual interaction. Words, concepts can deceive, distort, can build new screens behind which we can hide, but the skin does not lie. It’s a gateway to access the last fibre of our being and the experiences stored in our cells and the depths of the subconscious mind. At this level, massage has a cleansing effect (catharsis), of rebalancing and revitalization.

In the process of massage, guests are faced with a silent mirror in which they see who they are in that moment. They observe all the identifications that form the layers of their personality are broken down one by one to gain access to deeper levels of being. They feel how more space is created, a void in which new experiences, perceptions and sensations are blooming, prefiguring a renewing and regeneration of one’s being.

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