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The tantric massage for couples is a gift you can offer to your lover if you have already started your journey with us in the iTantric universe and want to explore together the infinite paths of evolution and cognition that open up from this experience. Or maybe you are both attracted to the magical universe of tantrism and want to relish the first experience. The tantric massage for couples is the most inspired and fulfilling choice.

Massage for couples: structure

The massage session is introduced by a presentation of the principles and values of tantric eroticism, the value of conscious touch, and the ways in which deep intimacy can be experienced. Massage can be done in the same room, with two masseuses or a masseur and a masseuse, or in different rooms.

You can share with your masseuses and masseurs certain aspects of your couple relationship, certain difficulties you want to overcome or those elements you want to deepen and improve. We recommend you to choose the separate rooms option, it is important not to be distracted and focus on your own experience, on the processes and the flow of energy in your own being.

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Benefits of tantric massage for couples

The tantric massage for couples is an opportunity to learn how deep relaxation and sensual pleasure awakened by massage can increase erotic attraction and love in the relationship. Massage is introduced into the fore-play and after-play, with the purpose of experiencing the state of generalised orgasm in the whole body and multiple orgasms, maintaining the orgasmic state and its wonderful effects also outside the frame of lovemaking.

Most of the time, you do not attain the desired intimacy in the couple because you are not in deep contact with yourselves. One of the surprising discoveries during massage is that a fully satisfying erotic experience implies an ability to connect and focus primarily on one’s own being.

As long as there are unexplored areas, blockages, barriers, and a stagnant, unconscious emotional luggage, it is difficult to have access to the other’s inner universe. Thus, we discover that we are the only ones responsible for our feelings, and we give up holding the other accountable for our failures, disappointments or lack of fulfilment.

Both males and females are invited to focus carefully and patiently on themselves and to grasp the subtleties of the game between the female and masculine components that exist in each of them, and how they can harmonize these in their own being and then in a couple. The tantric massage for couples provides you with a secure, supportive and affectionate atmosphere.

  • You will find inspiration, knowledge and insight into your feelings for yourself and your lover
  • You will realize the differences in perception of intimacy among men and women
  • You will discover new angles from which to consider and live the events of your life
  • You will give up certain expectations, identities and conditioning
  • You will allow your feminine and masculine energies to flow into a fluid dance, without syncope, observing with detachment and amusement the play of polarities and the fluctuations in erotic attraction, sexual desire, without clinging and without absolutizing anything.

You will discover this new facet of the erotic experience. The tantric massage for couples is an unusual instrument of exercising awareness, starting from the conscious touch. It goes beyond the mental level and allows communication in the hearts, without words, in a pure state of presence and connection. At this level, there is no room for grief, fear and tension.

We are in a space where we feel safe because we are actually reconnecting to the flow of Life and Creation, removing a veil that deceived us that we are separated, detached and that we are somehow floating adrift, on our own, letting things to chance.

Intimacy does not settle in out of the blue but through a constant process of awareness of states, thoughts, views, processes, mechanisms that predispose, move, manipulate, and most of the time live inside of us, making us their prisoners. This process begins with ourselves when we take it upon ourselves to open up, risking to be vulnerable, relaxing and embracing everything that happens to us in a state of acceptance.

After the massage, you will be able to meet again in the initial formula of four and share the effects of the experience. If you want, you can choose an iTeaTalk session and you will get more information, explanations, sets of exercises and techniques to practice at home, individually or together, to continue this journey with us. And why not, you could attend a Tantric massage training!

Massage time: 1h30 with the possibility of prolongation.

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