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iTantric offers authentic tantric massage for men as an experience of exploring their own masculine identity, their representations of sexuality, its forms of manifestation and its purpose, and male psychology in general. iTantric massage is made topless or nude, body-to-body, by professional masseuses who have studied and are successfully practising Tantric techniques.

If it is the first time you visit us, we recommend starting with an iTeaTalk session, which will prepare you for the massage itself and provide you with all the necessary elements to be fully satisfied.

In the Tantric vision, the whole reality is the result of the constant evolution of the balance between masculine (yang) and the feminine (yin) energy. It is the materialisation of the ecstatic union between Shiva, the supreme masculine principle, and Shakti, the supreme feminine principle. Any element of creation, including our bodies, carries the imprint of this polarisation up to the cellular level.

The permanent play of the two complementary energies determines the state of harmony from our being and the Universe. The Western psychological tradition, beginning with Jung, recognises that a feminine component (Anima) exists in the soul of a man, and a masculine component (Animus) also exists in the feminine soul. Through the experience of tantric massage for men, our guests have the opportunity to become aware of these complex mechanisms and can penetrate into less known or conscious areas of their being.

One of the surprising effects of the iTantric sensual massage for men is the contact with their feminine side as well, as a wider view upon their own sexuality and what they can get with it.

Tantric massage for men sessions include:

  • Elements of deep relaxation
  • Ways to awaken and channel the sexual energy
  • Harmonisation of energy centres
  • A meditative state of gratitude

This special erotic massage for men deeply accesses the spiritual plane through gentle, affectionate, carefully performed touches. It addresses the being as a whole and it focuses on raising sexual energy. From the external caress, which skilfully exploits the tactile stimuli, you will be guided towards the inner caress that responds to the need for spiritual fulfilment.

Through body-to-body massage, masseuse uses their body with skill and refinement so that you are enveloped by the feminine sensual energy. She will help you eliminate all thoughts, concerns and tensions. You will become one with your body, extremely sensitive and receptive to the experiences of the present moment.

This tantric massage for men reveals a new dimension of sensuality, in which a whole range of limits and barriers melt, first of all at the level of perception and perspective upon male sexuality and its forms of manifestation. Western culture is too little familiar with the practice of sexual continence and its advantages. The iTantric massage introduces this essential novelty, which distinguishes it from other erotic massages.

For centuries, boys’ education was marked by a “macho-type” vision. We are talking about an unbalanced perception, having to do with the “warrior” masculine power, outwardly oriented, which left no room for sensitivity, empathy, expression of feelings and orientation towards the spiritual achievement. These are now considered the attributes of femininity. Therefore, the feminine was ignored or repressed.

Most men feel they are not complete, but they try to fill this gap through relationships geared toward meeting emotional and sexual needs in a mechanical way. But the revelation of true unity of one’s demanding the harmonisation of the feminine and masculine principles within, to the point where the two become one.

To reach this point, a man has to make the effort to integrate the male and female polarity, to open up and accept to expose himself to his vulnerability. He has to overcome certainly limited views of who he is as a man. In the Tantric philosophy, sexuality is no longer rejected as an inferior aspect, as other spiritual paths do.

It’s integrated with other aspects of life. It’s one of the many expressions of human energy that can be an extraordinary vehicle in the spiritual search. It’s a way of knowing, accepting and unifying all the contradictory aspects of personality in one whole, which leads to the expansion of consciousness.

During the tantric massage for men sessions, our guests experience the fact that erotic pleasure and sexual fulfilment through orgasm is not an end in itself, it is not the final destination of the journey but is merely the beginning of it.

The proverbial “happy ending” is not a part of the authentic Tantric massage techniques. This is because its purpose is to initiate in techniques of controlling and raising erotic energy, to use it for the pleasure and fulfilment of the whole being, and not to waste it through ejaculation.

Sexual continence is the royal way to lift ourselves above the instinct, to go beyond this threshold, and to have access to superior forms of amorous experiences that can extend long after the end of the erotic experience.

This process is gradual and requires several sessions. The masseuse probes every guest’s inner universe with great refinement and tact and accompanies him on this journey as long as he allows it and is ready to move forward. You need to focus and remain present to the touches that are offered to you, and to breathe in a controlled manner, respecting the instructions of the masseuse. Such breathing keeps you focused in the present moment and helps spread the erotic energy throughout the body.

It is successful if you choose to transform your view of the erotic experience and train yourself to serenely note the increase or decrease of desire and arousal, without evaluating these variations in any way, either positively or negatively. Just learn to observe what happens to your sexual energy, without reacting in any way, practising a state of passivity and receptivity. Record the erotic feelings as simple fluctuations in the energy field, become aware of sensations and states from the present moment, so this experience becomes a spiritual one. Its purpose is for you to observe, to enjoy, to let it pass as any state passes in the end, without trying to cling to it, without trying to absolutes it.

Benefits of tantric massage for men

To feel those states of amorous ecstasy you dream of and that is testified by those who practice tantra, you need to make peace in your mind and in your being. This way, you can connect to the spiritual dimension of your being and control the sexual energy through willpower, thereby accomplishing continence. This is not possible in a state of agitation and unrestrained instinctual desire.

It’s the sexual energy stored inside the body, used as a fuel and directed by willpower, that can lift you to the peak of ecstasy of refined pleasures.

Tantric massage for men will help you:

  • to discover new facets of your own sexuality and masculine sensuality
  • to overcome sexual dysfunctions (impotence, ejaculation disorders or inhibition of libido)
  • to overcome emotional dysfunctions so you can live in complete harmony
  • to be present: here and now.
  • to learn potency enhancement techniques to help you experience multiple orgasms in your amorous life, and your entire body can experience erotic feelings of the same intensity that normally characterises the area of the genitals
  • to have access to new facets of virility by developing receptivity and intuition, inner peace, control and lucidity

Exciting mix: tantric massage with Taoist and Thai notes

Tantric massage for men techniques are enriched with Taoist and Thai inspired notes. It offers an exciting and refreshing combination of body-to-body sensual glides and exotic techniques. It ensures a free flow of erotic energy throughout the body, delicately removing blockages created by stress and tension of all kinds.

It combines techniques such as acupressure, i.e. finger pressing on certain key points which stimulates the body’s energy-unblocking and self-healing capabilities, with stretching and harmonising the energies by pressing the main energy lines (meridians).

During the massage, there is an intense, free movement of energy throughout the body. The broken connections are restored and the accumulated blockages are dissolved. Then, the sexual energy is channelled from the sacral area, in the pelvis, to the chest, where it activates passion, courage, the power of communication, then to the heart centre, where it awakens the state of affection and compassion. Once it reaches the brain, it allows a state of relaxation, creativity, ease of expression, lucidity and even altered states of consciousness.

Massage thus becomes a meditation, a dance out of time and the usual, routine lifestyle that alienates you from deep inner feelings. It is an opportunity for reflection, in an oasis of peace and relaxation, where you can re-establish yourself in your own womb, in your own inner universe. It can also be used in couple therapy.

Massage time: 1h30 or 2h (with the possibility of extension)

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