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iTantric is the only salon in the country that offers authentic tantric massage for women as an experience of exploring your own feminine identity, the concepts of sexuality, its forms of manifestation and its purpose. Through massage, you are accompanied to discover who you really are, in your feminine essence. All the limitations, suffering and tensions will be gradually removed from your mind, body and emotional body.

You can choose a masseur or masseuse who experienced and ready to listen to you carefully and understand your needs before and during the session or to help you understand the experiences of the massage after the end of the session. This process is gradual and requires several sessions. The masseur gently probes each guest’s inner universe and accompanies them on this journey as long as they allow it and are ready to move forward.

In the Tantric tradition, the woman plays a privileged role. She’s the manifestation of the Great Mother of the Universe. She’s the keeper of the secret teachings and the initiator. Therefore, Tantrism is a profoundly feminine and all-encompassing pathway, fully integrated into the reality of everyday life.

Tantrism addresses to all beings and fully recognizes the feminine power that generates Life, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Women have the role of being the guides and initiators in the realm of intimacy and sensuality because by their very nature they have a special ability to unify sexuality, love and spirituality.

In contemporary society, a series of factors (tradition, education, prejudices, dysfunctional models, men’s competition, “sex war”, etc.) led to the alienation of women from the deep essence of their nature and their central role in maintaining balance and harmony in the inner and outer universe, by experiencing polarities as a dance that creates reality.

This crisis is reflected in many aspects of the life of women and men, by a more or less conscious form of dissatisfaction. Why? Because they have also lost contact with the erotic, fundamental energy.

There is a great deficiency in the formation and education of girls and women so that they know how to fully express their femininity, how to live sexual desire, pleasure, love and intimacy in a satisfactory and balanced way, and irradiate power, beauty and sensuality.

Tantric massage for women is right for you if you experience difficulties, such as:

  • barriers and even blockages in assuming the female identity
  • sexual dysfunctions such as frigidity (total absence of pleasure and arousal during sexual intercourse and masturbation),
  • anorgasmia (lack of orgasm)
  • dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  • anaphrodisia (lack of sexual desire)
  • vaginismus (uncontrolled spasms of the vagina that render penetration impossible)
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Benefits of tantric massage for women

An essential element and challenge for some women in tantric massage is nudity. Shrouded in the gentle, affectionate and supportive energy of the masseur or masseuse, women are encouraged to open up. This way, our guests can give up masks and taboos, begin to discover aspects about themselves that are too little explored or downright repressed.

Nudity means returning to the pure primordial state of being, to our authentic nature from which we are estranged. It is a first layer to cast aside to get in touch with profound erotic, emotional and spiritual feelings through an abundant sensory experience, mediated by tactile receptors.

This state of nakedness prefigures the very nudity of consciousness, purged of concepts, representations, conventions, thoughts. It’s a state of widening the field of consciousness to a profoundly ecstatic experience. It’s a process of inner discovery to learn to accept ourselves as spiritual beings so that we are capable to accept and love others.

The first step on the path of self-acceptance is the acceptance of one’s own body. Negative judgments on our body create an internal conflict that can lead to contempt for one’s own person and interruption of the energy flow through the body. Tantric massage for women helps balance the attitude towards your own body, reminding us that the body is the tangible part of the soul. Allowing ourselves to receive the healing and regenerating touch of the body is a sign that we accept, cherish and love ourselves, as spiritual beings.

The awakening of female erotic energies

During the massage we can see how unconsciously separated, disconnected we can be or we are from certain areas of our body. Through massage, they are reintegrated into the energy circuit. During a massage session, you may experience various bodily, mental or emotional reactions, all of which are natural and welcomed. They are a purifying confrontation with the inward processes that surface, sometimes in a very powerful way, after touching.

Against the background of the process of awakening and amplifying of feminine erotic energies, emotional or sexual trauma, problems in the couple relationship or the stress of everyday life may emerge. If you feel the need, you can speak with the masseur to be supported in the process of understanding the transformations you are going through. You accept the vulnerability of your being, but also, with astonishment, you discover the huge force that is born as soon as you embrace this vulnerability.

Any less harmonious state that appears in the vibrational space created during the massage will be cleansed, transformed, and positively oriented, and the beneficial states will be amplified. You will perceive and channel these energies in a very refined and spiritual way, in the whole body, up to achieving a state of joy, peace, regeneration and vitalisation, and even orgasm.

About yoni massage

Our tantric massage form women formula also proposes the delicate and respectful massage of the yoni (vulva and vagina). It can be a way to end the massage session that you can choose from the beginning or add along the massage, depending on how you feel. In Tantrism, the yoni (“sacred space” in Sanskrit) is considered the source of life and is revered with the highest devotion. Oriental tradition claims that the whole body is projected into the vagina, so vaginal massage is identical in effect to reflexology applied to the palm and to the sole.

By yoni massage, the connection with the feminine essence of the depths is reawakened. It is highly effective in eliminating tensions, healing sexual traumas and dysfunctions. Moreover, it brings a lot of energy. A massage made in this area is similar to a massage in any other area of the body. The pressure points on the walls of the vagina are massaged to allow the release of negative emotions stored in cellular memory.

The role of sexual energy in self-healing

Since the yoni is one of the most intimate and heavily loaded parts of the body, the yoni massage is often seen as a sexual experience rather than a healing technique as it essentially is. When the sexual organs suffer from blockages caused by the accumulation of toxins (physical or emotional), the ability to move our sexual energy through the whole body, which feeds our self-healing and fulfilment mechanism, diminishes.

So, massaging this area has multiple benefits, it heals and harmonises the entire physical, mental and emotional structure.

Orgasm is not the purpose of yoni massage, but it is possible for the woman to reach intense orgasmic pleasures after removing the blockages and fluidising the energy. In authentic tantric massage, just like the man, the woman is driven towards sexual continence, so that the discharge will not take place. She will be helped by the masseur to channel the energies through energy centres and to disperse them throughout the body.

She may feel trembling, thrills and prickles or spasms in the lower and upper limbs, signs of the Kundalini energy awakening. This energy pours in waves so that the woman experiences an orgasmic state in her entire body.

Among the benefits of yoni massage we mention:

  • it eliminates accumulated blockages and toxins and increasing sexual organ vasculature
  • it enhances blood circulation & it eases the release of hormones
  • it stimulates both sexual and brain function
  • it is a natural protection against a series of illnesses and pains
  • it causes the healing of emotions stored following traumatic events and the increase of erotic potential
  • it prevents frigidity, painful menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse
  • it strengthens pelvic muscles, increases vitality and sexual fulfilment
  • it invigorates and enhances creativity

Most women only have a clitoral orgasm, but by integrating yoni massage as a healing practice, as the layers of negative emotions are dropped and the G spot is intensely stimulated, they will experience the vaginal orgasm and even the deep cervical one.

Yoni massage is an exceptional opportunity to experience a touch filled with love, respect and healing in the core of your being and to feel venerated as a Goddess. It is an offering to you in order to become aware of your own “sacred space” (the meaning of the term yoni) and to learn to love, to respect and to worship yourself first of all, fully conscious of the godly spark within you.

Exciting combination: tantric massage with Taoist and Thai notes

Tantric massage for women techniques are enriched with Taoist and Thai inspired notes. It offers an exciting and refreshing combination of body-to-body sensual glides and exotic techniques that ensure the free flow of erotic energy throughout the body.

It delicately removes blockages created by the stress and tension of all kinds. It combines techniques such as acupressure, i.e. finger pressing on certain key points which stimulates the body’s energy-unblocking and self-healing capabilities, with stretching and harmonising the energies by pressing the main energy lines (meridians).

How tantric massage for women works

During the massage, there is an intense, free movement of energy throughout the body, the broken connections are restored and the accumulated blockages are dissolved. Then, the sexual energy is channelled from the sacral area, in the pelvis, to the chest, where it activates passion, courage, the power of communication, then to the heart centre, where it awakens the state of affection and compassion.

Once it reaches the brain, it allows a state of relaxation, creativity, ease of expression, lucidity and even altered states of consciousness. Tantric massage for women becomes a meditation, dance out of time and the usual, routine lifestyle that alienates you from deep inner feelings. It is an opportunity for reflection, in an oasis of peace and relaxation, where you can re-establish yourself in your own womb, in your own inner universe. It can also be used in couple therapy.

Massage time: 2h or 2h30 (yoni massage version)

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