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In Tantrism, the conscious experience of sexuality is seen as the most accessible way of spiritual evolution, through which we can attain full communion with our Self. The erotic experience becomes a form of mystical living, of widening the field of consciousness, and of experimenting profound states of fulfilment. A tantric massage is a form of living the affective-erotic fulfilment without involving the amorous contact itself. It is an experience in which we learn to relate to sexual energy as the life-giving energy that sustains the creative and generating potential in all planes of existence.

In order to achieve this level, first of all, we need to redefine:

  • the common view of sexuality
  • the role of this component in our evolution as human beings

Tantric massage techniques

During the massage, a vigorous, free-flowing circulation of energy takes place throughout the body, the interrupted connections are restored and the accumulated knots are dissolved. In a second phase, the sexual energy is transmuted: as it moves from the sacral area, of the pelvis, towards the chest, it nourishes passion, courage, the power of communication, then in the heart centre it awakens the state of affection and compassion, and once it reaches the brain, it allows a state of relaxation, creativity, ease of expression, lucidity and even altered states of consciousness.

Tantric massage techniques helps you feel the flow of your own sexual energy, to observe and control the rise and fall of arousal, how to channel it by willpower, so that, during an amorous act, you can prolong and live pleasure and effervescence ever more intensely, up to the mystical union of bodies with the creative energies of the Universe. And then to connect to this unifying state in any moment of existence, outside the amorous act, to live in a state of permanent euphoria and happiness.

What tantric massage teaches us:

  • To understand how energy circulates through our bodies
  • To identify blockages and obstacles to the harmonious flow of energy through all energy centres
  • To educate ourselves to feel that special state of unification in our being

Meditation practice for two

For couples who want to deepen the tantra technique in the privacy of their homes, erotic feelings and sexual experiences get to transform into a meditative practice in two. We are talking about a spiritual exercise of awareness, of total presence towards yourself and towards the other and the game of masculine and feminine polarities.

It can go from an uncontrolled abandonment, subject to the whims of the wave of erotic energy that goes towards an explosive, depleting orgasm, to gently and calmly observing the dynamics of sexual energies through your body and your lover’s body during the amorous act. As they relax and open up to this experience more and more, our guests will be able to assimilate these profoundly transforming processes that occur during the massage.

After the tantric massage session, they can deepen the concrete ways in which they can translate these revelations into couple life by assimilating tantric values, principles and practices. How? Through the iTeaTalk sessions.

They can thus enrich their love life through an infinity of erotic experiences and feelings. They start from consciously building the intimacy and harmony of the couple, introducing massage into the foreplay and after-play, experiencing the state of generalised orgasm in the whole body and multiple orgasms, maintaining the orgasmic state and its wonderful effects also outside the frame of lovemaking.

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