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“I am a relay through which spiritual energy is manifested. I step aside, so It flows through me and touches the Soul of people. It awakens in them the feeling of wonder about the Miracle of Life and of who they really are, in the essence of their being, by modulating and harmonizing erotic and emotional energies.

In a world where sexuality is deformed and degraded in many forms, and many people, men and women, seek to “buy and consume” erotic experiences and erotic products as consumer goods, the tantric massage opens a new world. We recreate the Beauty, the Magic, the Uniqueness of the Present Moment and the fulfilling experience for the Soul, by touching the Body.

Relaxation massage | iTantric Bucharest
Our Tantric Masseuses | iTantric Bucharest
Discover yourself through a relaxation massage | iTantric Bucharest

Tantric relaxation massage is a unique, delicate, intimate, refined experience of an infinite tenderness that connects the one who offers it and the one who receives it to the Source of Absolute Love. I build every massage session as a ritual that takes place in a special vibrational field, supported by the masseur and masseuse.

My guest walks into this sacred space and receives the massage as an offering to the divinity within them. The body-to-body massage creates a soul-to-soul connection. Each guest is guided through the labyrinth of the layers of their being, and gains access to their authentic self.”

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