Tantric massage: unification

Tantric massage is a form of experiencing the state of unification of the soul and mind. It is a state of completeness, in which these two poles – apparently opposite – balance each other.

Balance through sensory experiences

Tantric massage unifies. Tantric massage balances. Tantric massage soothes, calms the mind, and gives meaning to the sensory experience, through interiority. We could say it is the starting point of the authentic tantric experience. Now the massage becomes just the tool that drove you up here, the rest depending on your ability to internalize yourself, to discover yourself, to know yourself. The unification during the massage depends a lot on your aspirations, on what you want to achieve as an inner feeling.

Unification of energies

The unification of energies has nothing to do with the union between two bodies. In our parlour, sexual services are not offered in any way. It is about the unification of body-mind-soul that leads to peace, tranquility, relaxation, deep stress relief, balance, general well-being and increased efficiency.

The massage techniques used show you how to feel the flow of your own sexual energy. It helps you to perceive, to control the growth and decrease of arousal, to channel it through the power of your will.

What does tantric massage teach you?

How energy circulates through your body

Getting to know yourself better

To detect any blockages and obstacles to the harmonious flow of energy

To feel the unity of body-mind-soul

Meditation practice

well-performed tantric massage is almost close to a meditative state. Here, it is all about peace of mind and peace of soul. Words can only suggest the complexity of such a state. If you’ve practiced meditation before, it means you know what we refer to.

As you relax and open up more and more to this experience, you will be able to assimilate the deeply transformative processes that occur during the tantric massage.

If you feel the need, you can add to your massage the iTeaTalk option (link) to discuss with your masseuse/masseur about the effects of the massage received, about the insights you had or even about specific concrete situations regarding the topics that concern you about the tantric philosophy.

“The meaning of unification is an eternal miracle” – Rabindranath Tagore

“Unification contains both beauty and power. We must be united in mind and heart.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“By transcending duality, we are bringing more unification into our lives. This leads to inner peace and unconditional love” – Alaric Hutchinson

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