The Journey

Every guest who crosses the threshold of our parlour embarks on a journey of self-knowledge which leads him beyond the boundaries of his personality and individuality. They experience a deep sense of intimacy and mystery, feel enveloped by a soothing energy, full of warmth, tenderness, and compassion, rarely or never encountered before.

What does this journey entail?

For your part, the journey needs only receptivity and openness to the masseur/masseuse. He/she will guide you on this inner journey of self-discovery.

We remove from the start any connection with a “sex journey” that involves sexual contact. That’s not what this is about. It is about an inner journey, a personal magical moment that words can only describe poetically.

Energy transformation

The basis of the journey is the tantric vision that values sexual energy as the fundamental energy of life. It circulates through the energy channels and centers in the body and supports all aspects of our existence. In the tantric conception, there is no separation between the physical, mental, spiritual and social planes. They represent various levels and forms of manifestation of the energy in the body, the harmony between them being essential for the state of health and fulfillment of the human being. During its circulation through the body, sexual energy is transformed into other types of energy, including spiritual energy.

The movements performed during the massage sequences ensure the fluidization of this flow and the energetic transformation. The purpose of our journey is the integration of all these functions and aspects, overcoming the perspective of the separation between them, as we are accustomed to, so that we can live as unified beings.

During the tantric massage the sense of touch is stimulated primarily. For many of us, it is perhaps one of the least practiced senses, while the visual and auditory senses are predominant. Between the masseur/masseuse and you, a tactile dialogue is installed through which the skin becomes the privileged organ of communication. We discover how to weave a new language, made up of caresses, in an unsuspected palette of forms, rhythms and intensities. This way you get to open yourself up to what is happening Here and Now. The journey does not involve sexual contact, under any circumstances. It is a journey into the Continuous Present through conscious touch.

Sincerity towards you

Being a journey that tries to neutralize the mental schemes and the filters of reason, it opens you to a space of total sincerity towards yourself, starting from the deeply sensory and sensual interaction. Words can deceive, distort, or raise new screens, behind which we hide. Skin does not lie! It is a gateway to the last fiber of a human being and to the experiences stored in our cells and in the depths of the subconscious. At this level, massage has a cleansing effect (catharsis), rebalancing and invigorating us.

What does the journey help me with during a tantric massage session?

During the process of massage, guests are put in front of a silent mirror in which they see who they are at that moment. They observe how they have access to the deeper levels of being. Thus, they come to feel inwardly how more space is created, a void in which new feelings, perceptions and sensations flourish, which foreshadow a “refreshment” and regeneration.

“Your outer journey can take a million steps. Your inner journey has only one: the one you are doing now” – Eckhart Tolle

“The only journey is the inner one” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“Spirituality is not a destination, but an inner journey” – Anonymous

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