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The fundamental gesture of our massage is the tantric touch: the hands that touch are the prolongation of the Gods and Goddesses, which our eyes do not know how to see, but which the godly spark within us knows how to recognise. The one who offers massage is a receptor and catalyst of spiritual energy. It connects deeply to the guest’s being and invites him/her on a journey of exploration into his/her own inner universe. The iTantric massage combines various elements:

  • The massage techniques from the preparatory phase, inspired by classical massages
  • Exotic notes inspired by Thai massage
  • Sensual movements and nudity
  • Activation and modulation of erotic energy
  • Empathy, inspiration and dedication
The tantric touch

The fundamental ingredient, which gives the note, the uniqueness of the iTantric formula is the fully conscious tantric touch. This means focusing on the other person in a total way, like a profound meditative experience. Any mental, emotional or sensory interference of the masseur or masseuse’s ego is neutralised so that the cleansing, healing and nourishing energy that comes from the Source flow freely through them.

The importance of tantric touch

Touching the naked body has an unexpectedly powerful effect in wiping out cultural conditioning that often acts as a barrier to the full expression of our being. We are talking about the idea that we have to hide or cover something… with the clothes that wrap our body.

Nudity means the real, authentic expression of our soul, and also vulnerability, courage and the desire to no longer hide from ourselves and from others. It’s a profound gesture of accepting our own being and the state we are in. It’s the first challenge for us at the beginning of the tantric experience.

The Tantric touch is recognised as an act of dissolving the masks of the ego that we are used to living with:

Masaj cupluri - - Salon Masaj Erotic Tantric Bucuresti relaxare
  • Social roles
  • Economic roles
  • Cultural roles
  • Religious roles
  • Gender-related roles

These roles are often limiting and alienate us from the joy of the simple, spontaneous act of life. Abandoning this first layer of defence already triggers a process of transformation, awakening, opening, and awareness which dissolves the walls and barriers we have built to protect ourselves from the outer universe, but which keep our inner being prisoner, and are the main obstacle to the communion with ourselves and with others.

The vibrational space created by iTantric

In the vibrational space created by the iTantric masseurs/masseuses, we feel safe, because there is no judgment, expectation or pressure. We feel a warm and gentle connection of the souls, thanks to the tantric touch. In this profoundly supporting energy, the lights and shadows of our inner world can easily surface. In this process, we sense the regeneration of the mysterious connection with ourselves, with others, with the world as a whole, and we intensely perceive the flow of Life through us.

The masseur and the masseuse masterfully leads a process of alchemizing. They are the channels of manifestation of the masculine and feminine archetypal forces that:

  • Purify
  • Balance the energies of energy centres and meridians
  • Melt the armours and blockages that may exist at certain levels in the physical, emotional and mental of the guest

Through the tantric touch, the guest is helped to find their own erotic energy, to recognise and channel it by their own will and focus. Thus, they acquire a new force and confidence, increased awareness of the body. The ability to recover and centre the chaotically dissipated energy is activated, along with the affective-erotic potential, the state of peace and inner harmony.

Inspiration, special sensitivity, control of their own energies and the ability to connect of our masseuses and masseurs to the guest’s inner states transform each session into a unique, personalised and unrepeatable experience that goes beyond the personal plane and accesses the transpersonal one.

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