The mission of the masseurs

For our masseuses and masseurs, tantric massage is more than a job; it is a passion, a lifestyle.

It is not possible to offer a tantric massage “on autopilot”, totally uninvolved and with the mind elsewhere. We must be present in body and soul when we offer tantric massage, so that you, our guests, can benefit and enjoy the experience of massage in all its complexity.

Our team

Our masseuses and masseurs have a respectful, warm and open attitude so that they can guide you on this journey. Conscious touch is their daily practice.

We select in our team only people concerned with tantra and/or any form of personal development, who have solid knowledge of tantric massage. We consider that a necessary condition in our parlour is the quality of the massage and not the physical appearance of the masseuses / masseurs. That’s why we don’t promote pictures of our masseuses/masseurs on the site. We assure you that all of them have a pleasant physical appearance. We are aware that there may be certain affinities, so for any details regarding the pictures, please contact us on WhatsApp.

Please respect our masseuses and masseurs and do not ask them for sexual services, because the purpose of our parlour is to provide you with quality and especially authentic services.

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