The touch

The fundamental ingredient which gives the flavor and special touch of uniqueness to the iTantric formula is the fully conscious touch.

What is conscious touch?

You may wonder what conscious touch is. Touching is something we all know how to do. But the way we do it is very different: we can touch casually, we can touch with the intention of achieving something (the expression “to get your hand on”) or we can touch with the intention of providing a pleasant sensation, of giving a part of our soul, bringing attention/consciousness, so that the massaged one feels that he/she is touched up to the level of the soul.

Conscious touch

Conscious touch involves a degree of attention on the part of the masseur/masseuse. He/she must pay attention to the reactions, to the degree of emotional openness, breathing and the level of energy awakening of the massaged person.

Conscious touch means to bring consciousness and to give meaning to the emotional experiences of the massaged person, to carefully supervise his/her degree of awakening and openness in order to always lead the sensory experience in an ascending, uplifting sense.

Inspiration, special sensitivity, control of one’s own energies and the ability of our masseuses and masseurs to connect to the inner states of the guest through conscious touch transform each session into a unique, carefully personalized experience that goes beyond the personal plane and accesses the transpersonal plane.

The hand that caresses awakens sensuality, listens to the reactions of the skin it touches. It feels his/her abandonment, emotion, pleasure, confessions or anxiety, in some cases of suffering and loneliness.

Gradually, you get to be more receptive and to focus especially on what you feel in the body and in the heart, to identify from a confused sea of feelings, certain states, thoughts or images that gradually come to the surface.

Tantric massage combines multiple elements:

The massage techniques from the preparatory phase, inspired by the classical massages

Exotic notes taken from Thai massage

Sensual movements and body massage

Delicate movements on the points that make up the energy meridians

Activation and modulation of erotic energy

Empathy, inspiration and dedication

What does conscious touch help me with during a tantric massage session?

The conscious touch has multiple beneficial effects, both on the body, the mind, but also on the soul. You may be wondering how touch can influence you for the better. The answer is through the effects that you will feel during, but also after the massage session. You will feel calmer, more relaxed, your mind will no longer be agitated, you will feel accepted, balanced and regenerated. A massage session aims not only to pamper your senses on the moment, but to generate a state of well-being later in the day. It also helps you to be present in your own body, to pay attention to the sensations you feel, to understand them and to be conscious of them.
Touching has magical valences, if it is consciously performed by a competent masseur/masseuse who has the ability to guide you, so that you can follow with your attention the movements he/she performs on your nude body.

“Only from the heart you can touch the sky” – Rumi

“We often underestimate the power of a touch” – Leo Buscaglia

“In the absence of touch, people of all ages can get sick and become hungry for touch. Touching seems to be as essential as sunlight” – Diane Ackerman

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